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Eva Estlander

Founder & Creative


We are all connected to the oceans. The body of water represents our emotional state. Women hold a profound connection to the moon and the moon steers the waters with its phases. Unfortunately, each year, millions of tons of plastics end up in the oceans, polluting our waters and our planet.

But a problem can be turned into a solution. With the use of ECONYL®, a high quality nylon material that is regenerated from ocean waste, such as old fishing nets and plastic bottles, we can start to shift.

Since sustainability is one of our foundational pillars, we have chosen to both source and make all our items in Europe, this to ensure a supply chain as short as possible. In addition to using Econyl, we also use GOTS-certified eco-cotton.


The name Moonah is derived from the word ‘Moon’, and serves as a reminder of the affect the lunar cycle has on us humans and the oceans.

Throughout eons of time, peoples across the world have worshipped the moon and gathered to celebrate the moon. Each phase of the moon’s cycle has a unique visual characteristic and spiritual meaning. Full moons represent completion and fruition, whereas new moons represent initiation and new beginnings.

The tides are at their highest and their lowest during both the full and new moon. These moon phases are the most defining phases of the lunar cycle, and water (the element that governs our emotions) is transformed by its stunning energy.

The ending of Moonah“-ah” stands for completion. Think of the sound “ahhh”, sighing out loud when you reach that feeling of fulfilment after having reached a goal or manifested something your heart desired, or even that feeling you have after a yoga practice. We are all capable of attuning with the moons energies and activating our inner power. Moonah wear is here to remind you of that and celebrate your shine.

Join us on the journey from waste to wear.


I spent a big chunk of my twenties residing in a small little beach town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, soaking in the warmth, sun and good energy from my surroundings. While living in Mexico I was working within the fields of tourism and wellness, running yoga & surf retreats. Living in such close proximity to both the ocean and jungle, I felt very tapped into the the cycles of nature, including the moon.

During my years in Mexico, I learned about the tides and how the moon affects the ocean. Simultaneously, I also noticed the immense amount of plastic in the water and how the tidal water brings it into the shores.

As yoga teacher, I have always felt a deep connection to the unseen and energetic realm. Connecting and tapping into the moon and its phases have been important parts of my journey. I felt called to craft something that would weave my appreciation for the moon & beauty, yoga, sustainability and spirituality into one. After having relocated back to my Scandinavian roots of Finland, this dream of mine started taking form.

My aim is to create timeless, yet functional yoga clothing in a way that does not harm our planet. I also want to inspire other women to follow their dreams and tap into the unseen world for support. The moon shines brightly and unapologetically as the sun illuminates her. This is something we need to remember and embody.

Our birthright is to shine and to be seen, yet we are also allowed to be supported by other forces. Just like the moon is illuminated by the sun. It all comes down to balancing the dualities of life; basking in the light of the moon (feminine, lunar, receiving), yet taking the actions needed (masculine, solar, giving) for manifestation. We women need to remember this and start working together.

In addition to running Moonah Wear, I teach yoga both privately and publicly, host workshops and retreats worldwide.

xx, Eva

More about Eva here.

Instagram @evastlander

☽ Align with the moon. ☾

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