Moon Babes


Join our FB community and connect with like minded sisters! If you're reading these lines, chances are you're drawn to sisterhood and working with the divine feminine.

If you’re looking to represent our brand, make sure to contact us and tell us about your social media platform(s) and how you’d like to work with us. 

Our Moonah Wear Moon Babes are here to remind you of your own light and to spread the Moonah Wear love. 

Every woman is capable of attuning to the moons energy and to shine brightly, it's your birthright.

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Eva Estlander Founder of Moonah Wear

Eva Estlander

Yoga Teacher & Founder of Moonah Wear, Helsinki, FIN



Julia Hackzell yoga teacher

Julia Hackzell

Yoga Teacher, Helsinki FIN


Janalyn Rose yoga teacher in Sayulita.

Janalyn Rose

Yoga Teacher & Photographer, Sayulita MX


Jonna Monola yoga teacher in Helsinki

Jonna Monola

Yoga Teacher & Photographer, Helsinki FIN


Audra Rose Stanley yoga teacher Sayulita

Audra Rose Stanley

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner of the Rose Room, Sayulita MX



Sylvie Lacourciere Yoga Teacher

Sylvie Lacourciere

Yoga Teacher Hossegor, FRA



Annette Tallberg Yoga Teacher

Annette Tallberg

Yoga Teacher Helsinki, FIN



Viivi Amanda Yoga teacher

Viivi Amanda

Yoga Teacher Helsinki, FIN



Olivia Perez wearing moonah wear

Olivia Perez

Yogini, Stockholm, SWE



Emma Räsänen Yoga teacher Helsinki

Emma Räsänen

Yoga Teacher Helsinki, FIN



Nina Andersson Yoga teacher Helsinki

Nina Andersson

Yoga Teacher Helsinki, FIN



Elisa Kuuttila yoga teacher

Elisa Kuuttila

Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner of Pranama Kallio, Helsinki, FIN