Moon Babe Intro: Meet our Moon Babe, Annette

The Power of community: Meet our Moon Babe, Annette


Dear Moon Babes! It's time for our second Moon Babe introduction. But before we dive into this intro, let us take a moment to again acknowledge the power of #womensupportingwomen and how weaving a network of aligned Moon Babes is medicine and truly our mission. Alone we are strong, but collectively we have impact and thrive. This is also what we want to emphasize with our Moon Babes community, that we are all allowed to be seen, shine and spread our light by giving everyone else permission to step into their god given light and power.

We believe shining your light is your birthright and that, with the age of Aquarius it's finally our time to be heard, seen and understood. The divine feminine is the essence of every women—it’s about the connection to our goddess self, but also to each other. 

We also believe successful women have a group of women behind them, rooting for them and supporting their journey. By raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration, is how we change the game. If you catch yourself feeling envious or in the energy of scarcity, flip it around and instead use that energy as your fuel, seeing that person you admire as an expander and visualize how you also can and will receive and/or create what your heart longs for.

But without further ado, let us introduce you to the Moon Babe in line: Annette Tallberg. Annette is a yogini, yoga teacher, mother of three and kids yoga teacher. 

Q: Hello beautiful, in a few words, who are you and what is your background?

A: I am a mother and a yoga teacher, I work within the yoga & wellness industry. My background is in business and fashion. 

Q: How did your yogic path start?

A: Actually it was my very own mother who introduced yoga to me. She practiced a lot when I was growing up and she took me to my first yoga class ever in my early teens. I didn't really get that into it at that time, but it was my introduction to the practice. It was only years later, while living in London that I truly dove into yoga on a deeper level. At the time, I was longing for more tranquility and peace of mind, so I ended up going to a very lovely yoga studio and it was since the, that yoga started to become a big part of my life. Slowly, but surely I found myself on "the yogic path" and started thinking about taking my practice deeper and considered participating in a yoga teacher training.

Q: How did you then become a yoga teacher?

A: I guess it was was always in the back of my head and after having been in the fashion industry for so many years I was craving change and wanted to do something that felt more aligned. I wanted to do something with purpose and so I first studied to become a Holistic Health Coach. And finally after relocating back to Finland and before my last pregnancy, I decided to step into the path fully. Everything fell into place and one step at a time I found myself signing up for a YTT.

Q: What do you work with nowadays?

A: I teach yoga both privately and publicly and host workshops. I also teach children's yoga, as I truly believe all children should be introduced to mindfulness at a young age. I also do some social media work within the fields of wellness and yoga. My calling is to inspire people to create their dream life.

Q: How do you connect to the Moon?

A: Well, first of all, women are cyclical beings by nature. Nature also has its own cycles and seasons. I feel very connected to the moon and my menstrual cycle is also in synch with the moon, interestingly I can either ovulate or menstruate during the full moon. As a sensitive person I feel the ebbs and flows deeply. In terms of rituals or ceremonies, I usually charge my crystals during full moon. At the moment I don't have any big rituals, but I do pay attention to the subtle changes in my body during full moon and new moon.  

Q: What do you think it means to be a "Moon Babe" ?

A: I'd say that women that want to work together and feel aligned energetically to this vibe are already Moon Babes. For me, it's very important to work together and lift each other up. I am very honoured to be part of this ambassador team.

Q: Fave Moonah piece?

A: Mango top, Menta leggings and of course Dahlia leggings. 

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The moon and Anette Tallberg wearing Moonah Wear pink yoga top and super high waist turquoise yoga leggings.
Anette Tallberg doing yoga and wearing Moonah Wear pink yoga top and high waist turquoise yoga leggings
Anette Tallberg wearing Moonah Wear