Flower Full Moon Pop Up: Blossom Together in Helsinki

Have you heard the exciting news? Moonah Wear is organizing a pop-up event in collaboration with two other Finnish female entrepreneurs: Kalla Active  and Edly Helsinki. What makes this so special is that we began planning just over a month ago, and now the big weekend is just around the corner. How did we put it all together? Let's dive in!

The Beginning of it all

I was having lunch with my good friend and photographer Jonna Monola (whose also taken many of Moonah Wears pictures) when I met the founder of Kalla Active. Jonna and Jenni (founder of Kalla Active) were meeting for work and I was just kind of tagging along. As it turns out Jenni is also a solo female entrepreneur, we ended up discussing entrepreneurship and fashion brands. As someone who works solo a lot, it was refreshing to exchange ideas about running a small and sustainable business and the fashion industry. We agreed to meet again, and that's when the real fun began.

Soon after our meeting, I received a message from Jenni again telling me that she has participated in a business event at Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki's Blomstedt event space. At the event she had bonded with yet another female solo entrepreneur, Katja, who has recently launched her shoe label Edly Helsinki.

They came up with the idea for a joint pop-up and invited Moonah Wear to join. Everything fell into place pretty quickly and we ended up booking that very same event space Katja and Jenni had met at. Next we agreed to arrange it during the first weekend of May (5th-7th), which happens to be a flower Full Moon (how convenient).

Flower Full Moon in May

The Flower Full Moon in May is a spectacular celestial event that occurs every year when the full moon rises in the night sky during the month of May. Named after the abundant blossoming flowers that signify the arrival of spring, this full moon is also referred to as the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

The Flower Full Moon marks a time of growth, renewal, and increased fertility, making it a particularly important event in ancient agricultural societies. Traditionally, this full moon was seen as a signal to plant crops and celebrate the renewal of life. As the event approaches, the Flower Full Moon serves as a reminder to appreciate nature's beauty, with people often planning moonlit gatherings or spending time outdoors to marvel at the radiant lunar display.

To host the Pop Up during this particular weekend seems absolutely perfect.

Flower Full Moon: Empower women-run businesses this May under the radiant lunar glow. Support growth, renewal, and flourishing female entrepreneurship.

Event Conceptualization

When Katja, Jenni and I got together, we brainstormed ideas for the event's concept, visuals, and name. After some discussion, "Blossom Together" seemed like the perfect fit. The idea was inspired by the quote:


– Zen Shin

This is something we truly want to emphasize and bring forth through coming together and creating something jointly. By cultivating empathy, compassion, and genuine connections, we can help each other achieve greater wellness and success. This has always been one of the corner stones in Moonah Wear: to be more than just another yoga wear brand: to inspire women to work together, to align and connect.

Though envy may sometimes arise, we understood that applauding and assisting others' achievements does not diminish our own; instead, it enhances our personal growth.

After establishing the foundation, Jenni designed essential visual templates in Canva, tailored for both online and print media. Together we identified potential partners and reached out to them while organizing a Facebook event to promote this pop up for our eco-friendly yoga wear brand, Kalla Active's merino wool label and Edly Helsinki's shoe brand.

Sponsors and collaborators for the event include Solo Sokos Hotel Helsinki, Suomen Lasitehdas Oy, and Jubilee Oy. Suomen Lasitehdas is supplying beautiful design mirrors to enhance the shopping experience, and Jubilee Oy is providing us with clothing racks, hangers, and an A-stand. We are immensely grateful for their involvement in our yoga wear brand's venture!

Working alongside Katja and Jenni has been seamless and efficient, as we eagerly anticipate pop up shop Marketing materials showcasing the event are ready, price tags have been made, mirror and rack transportation plans are in place, promotional posters have been ordered, and a PR event on Friday morning is all set with a speaker and breakfast provided by the hotel.

We've diligently completed numerous tasks on our to-do list, and our event is coming together nicely. 

Make sure to swing by, support your local women owned small and sustainable yoga wear brand, check out the other brands and enjoy -20% off our entire yoga wear collection! We'd love to see you there! 

Pop Up Shop in Helsinki women run sustainable yoga wear brand

P.S. Solo Sokos Hotel is also providing a discount at their restaurant, Pauli's, for event participants. Use code "POP UP" for a 15% discount on your meal.