Moon Babe Intro: Meet Viivi Amanda

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Meet our Moon Babe, Viivi Amanda


At Moonah Wear, a big part of our brand DNA is women empowerment. We are here to celebrate the divine feminine, the moon and to remind you of your own innate light and your uniqueness. Your birthright is to shine brightly and to be seen (just like the moon), while obviously wearing the most beautiful and sustainable bright yoga wear 😉

We are on a mission of weaving a network of women supporting women, highlighting women within the fields of wellness, yoga, spirituality, health and more. And on this new moon, we are spotlighting one of our Moon Babes, Viivi Amanda.

Viivi Amanda is a yogini, yoga teacher, registered nurse, singer and Moon Babe with a sparkly beautiful soul. Her energy is contagious and her voice is angelic.

We sat down with Viivi and picked her brain about her path towards becoming a yoga teacher and her connection to the moon. Without further ado, please read her interview here below. But before, you do, give her divine interpretation of "Fly me to the Moon" a listen.

Viivi is wearing the Aligned with the Moon - tee in Lavender here.

Q: Hello beautiful, in a few words, who are you?

A: I am heartful and warm, sensitive human being. I love music, free movement and all kind of adventures. 

Q: How did your yogic path start?

A: At younger age I was a competitive athlete in biathlon. Meaning, that I have always been pushing myself to my limits - to be better, faster and stronger. When I quit, my mind and body started to crave something softer and more gentle and so I tried yoga. First I couldn't sit still at all. I thought that it was not for me. But, for some reason I kept hearing the calling to get back onto the mat, and slowly but surely, I started to understand more about yoga, but most importantly, about myself.

Finally, two years ago, I decided to sell all my stuff and buy a one way ticket to explore the world. At the time, I was heart broken, and simply put, my life was a mess. The only place where I felt safe and calm, was on my mat during savasana. This made me thirsty to learn more, so I decided to apply to a yoga teacher training program in Bali. My goal was never to start teaching others, but instead to connect deeper with myself and give myself a much needed break from my life. 

Once the YTT started I was told that the experience was going to change my life. I remember smiling and thinking: "what a cliché"...well turns out, they were right. 

Q: What do you work with?

A: Until recently, I was working in the ER and in the Heart operations as a Registered nurse for about two years. During that time, I started to teach yoga in the evenings as a side hustle. This however was not sustainable and I quickly noticed that I had too much going on. About one year ago I took a leap of faith and started my entrepreneur life as a yoga teacher. I have to say that it has been the most challenging year so far, but on the other hand, it was the best choice I have made. I am also creating content and making music. In other words, I keep myself busy and it's pretty awesome. 

Currently, you can find me teaching at different studios in Helsinki, Finland. I teach at Roots, Pranama & Bloom Wellbeing. I also have my very own online yoga community, Koti Shala, with my fellow yoga teacher friends. 

In addition to teaching yoga, I am also curating content for my social media channel(s) and making music (planning on doing a cover album, as I love to sing).

Q: How is the Moon Cycle part of your life?

Each and every month I take time for myself to wind down, write and reflect. Depending on the moon's phase and season, I set new goals and inspiring intentions. I also love to read empowering affirmations and texts during new & full moons. 

Q: How do you feel connected to the Moon?

A: I feel a strong connection to the moon. During full moons, I simply cannot sleep at all. On the other hand, the moon makes me feel powerful, creative and even more in tune with my sensitivity, which is a superpower.

Q: What inspires you at the moment?

A: Love and kindness. Music and movement. Nature and all its seasons and cycles. Water and soft waves.  

Q: Favorite Moonah Wear piece?

A: Silky soft Nopal leggings!

Q: One advice to a younger Viivi?

A: Trust yourself. You don't have to the best. Be you, that's enough

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Viivi Amanda wearing Moonah wear lavender organic cotton T-shirt
Viivi Amanda wearing Moonah Wear high waist army green yoga leggings and orange yoga top
Viivi Amanda wearing Moonah Wear racerback orange yoga top