New Moon in Pisces March 2021

New Moon in Pisces March 2021


In case you are not familiar with the energy of each phase of the moon, make sure to give our first blog post a read.  But here's a quick 101: each phase of the Moon's cycle has a unique visual characteristic and spiritual meaning. New moons are generally the time to set your vision un the upcoming month and align with your vision. In other words, new moons represent new beginnings. Whereas full moons are for fruition and completion.

Astronomically, the new moon phase is when the Moon is positioned between the Earth and Sun so it cannot be seen from Earth, meaning it is the darkest phase on the sky. 

Even farmers use the time of the new moon to plant their seeds. It's said that seeds will absorb more water during both the full moon and the new moon, when more moisture is pulled to the soil surface. This causes seeds to swell, resulting in greater germination and better-established crops. But this time can also been used energetically with your desires.

In addition to aligning to the energy of the lunar phase, each new and full moon falls into a specific zodiac sign. There are usually 12 new moons a year, and each new moon is synced up with a different astrological sign. There is a six-month link between new and full moons.

Dreamy Pisces

This particular New moon falls into the dreamy sign of Pisces on Saturday March 13th, 2021. The energy from Pisces is known to have the most psychic and effortlessly vivid imaginations. It's an energy that comes as a real blessing during a New Moon, according to Mia Steiber from What's even more interesting is that we are experiencing a double dose of Pisces as the Sun is is also in the sign of Pisces during this New Moon.

As Pisces energy is that of dreaming and visualization, this is truly a potent time to set your mind on your goals. What do you truly want to create in this life? Shereen Campbell from writes that, "For this New Moon in Pisces, magnified by the presence of Neptune and Venus close by, we are encouraged to dream as big and bold as possible. It is also a time when the veil between reality and the world of spirit is at its thinnest, allowing us access to a deeper connection with the underlying forces of creation and that little voice within." She further emphasises the importance of paying attention to our dreams as we might get some cues on how to move forth with our intentions and hearts desires.

A new moon is always a marker for a fresh start, a new beginning, a new cycle. With Spring Equinox approaching this is truly the time, to take a moment, tune into our own being, meditate, journal and ask yourself "what do I want to do with my life". And remember, the biggest thing standing between you fulfilling your dreams, Your external world is an expression of your internal world. Use this time to truly focus on your intentions, get crystal clear on your desires, perhaps even create a vision board... and then align with your purpose.

Spring is coming, it's soon time for fruition. But first, what do you want to create?

Align with the moon.


With love,



New Moon in Pisces
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