Tropical Goddess Collection


 This collection is all about tapping into your femininity, divinity and celebrating your God-given superpower of being a WOMAN.

Whatever you do, do it with confidence and grace. Make sure to surround yourself with other Goddesses, remove people who dampen your light, and unapologetically take space, it's your birthright to shine, to be seen, and to be heard.

Everything you see here is from women to women. This entire collection is designed by women, shot by women, and produced by women in several countries, however, all are done and made ethically, sustainably, and with high quality. This luxurious line is carefully curated to be flattering, empowering, and compressive, with eco-friendly materials from recycled ocean waste.

Please note, the fitting is slightly more compressive than in our usual high-rise leggings. Some of the styles come in two different finishes; the suede matte finish and the glossy shiny finish. The glossy fabric is more sturdy, whereas the suede fabric is slightly stretchier.